I am new to MSM Benefits and DMSO. I didn’t discover MSM. I found information about MSM HAIR and MSM SKIN benefits while searching for a way to restore the elasticity to my skin. I am currently on my own “weight reduction” regimen and realize that once you are over 25-30 years old your skin typically does not always shrink as rapidly as you lose excess weight. That in mind, my search began and lead me to the “Impatient Dieter’s Website”, her success and research on MSM and DMSO blew me away, and I had to try it. I was more than amazed and simply mystified at how miraculous these two organic sulfur compounds worked—and so rapidly.

I found these organic sulfur compounds (MSM and DMSO) to be so miraculous that I have been reading and writing and telling everyone about them. My family is tired of hearing about MSM and DMSOBUT THEY ARE CURRENTLY USING IT DAILY.   My nature is that of an optimist—I BELIEV EVERYTHING POSITIVE—even when it sometimes seems as if it isn’t—that’s just MY nature.  Fortunately, I have a group of pessimists around—who disbelieve, unless they see it AND touch it.  I am happy to say—each one has been converted, and they now believe in the wonders and benfits of MSM and now, MSM used in conjunction with DMSO.

Now that my pessimistic family is starting to experience the benefits of MSM—I ventured outside my family to “a family friend”. He is an everyday “Joe”  in his mid 50’s and experiencing hair loss and balding.  At present, he doesn’t want his name publicized. He is a quiet, low-key guy (yeah right), but he has assured me that when he has a new head of hair, I can disclose pics and his name. I look forward to that day, and I am certain that my human guinea pig will be smiling as his “friend” is running her fingers through his soft curly new hair!    

This brings me to my latest update on the miraculous benefits of MSM!  For the last seven days, I have had my family friend applying an MSM oil that I concocted. I have also had him “spritzing” his scalp daily with MSM liquid. He is taking 1,000 mg of MSM daily. Unfortunately, I found that he thinks he skipped one day of taking the MSM and one day of applying the light oil to his scalp.  Hmmmmm. Typically, I would find this means a person is not convinced that the treatment is working—he says that it was just a lapse in memory-nothing more. My thinking is, if someone told him he would receive $1,000,000 at the end of the week if he followed the instructions to the tee—he would not have forgotten!

Anywho- I am convinced that he will not forget again!  Why??  The camera does not lie!  Yesterday, I gave him a treatment of DMSO, MSM and of course, the oil with MSM.  See the pictures below!  The top row of pictures are the BEFORE pictures, the bottom row contains AFTER pictures.


 Yes, I am ecstatic about the progress MVB has already achieved using MSM for hair growth and organic hair restoration. I called him this morning to make sure he took the MSM capsule and remembered to take his MSM powder packet with him—to my delight—he had.  Somehow I KNEW he wasn’t going to forget.  These were MVB’s words to me today.

“I know I saw the pictures—and of course –I can see the difference in hair growth since the MSM, but now that I think about it, maybe the difference was just increase in length. When you took the first set of pictures, I had just had my hair cut the day before.”


His answer, “uh-NO!”


I asked MWB if we could up the DMSO/MSM treatments to twice a week, then three times a week.  He agreed, so in a few days we will be doing another treatment and taking more pics.  Yes folks, You will see it as I see it happening.  I am already eyeing my next human guinea pig—my unsuspecting neighbor. 

Folks let me close by saying this—yesssss, I am extremely excited about MSM and of course all the MSM BENEFITS I have experienced and witnessed personally. I am also excited about the MSM HAIR GROWTH I have experienced. It’s been miraculous. Now, a little about me—I AM EASILY EXCITED!!  However, MSM is worth every bit of excitement—you will see.



  1. T says:

    What topical MSM spritz DMSO did you use & where do you get it from?

    • Admin says:

      Hi T,

      I made my own MSM spritz by pouring it in a spray bottle and “spritzing” daily. You can also add a few drops of Castor Oil to the spritz (though I prefer applying castor oil lightly to the scalp) and working it into the scalp.

      Below is a link to where I purchase my msm and dmso from–thus far they have the best prices–

      there is also a shipping discount code: ship25

      scroll down to the 3rd item, Trimedica Liquid MSM

      scroll down to the 13th item, Clinc Services DMSO (regular bottle w/out sprayer)

      scroll down to the 17th item, Clinic Services DMSO (mist sprayer bottle)

      I prefer the mist sprayer bottle for the DMSO– actually I prefer the mist sprayer bottle for most liquid applications, unfortunately, the msm doesn’t come with one.

      What are your “hair” goals for MSM, overall growth, thickness, restoration, other??
      If you start the msm regimen T, will you come back and post and let us know what progress your hair is making?

      • T says:

        My hair is fine I am looking into this for my cousin who is really struggling with his hair loss & has tried everything & nothing seems to work for him. Do you leave in the MSM & DMSO all day or is this something you leave in for a little bit then rinse out? I read where the DMSO has a bad smell to it. Yes I will post updates on his progress as soon as I get all the information on these product & once he starts using them. Thank you for all your help.

        • Kim says:

          You are very welcome T,
          How kind of you to look out for your cousin!!! When his hair loss is reversed–He will owe you one!!! A big one :)

          OKAY- I like to use the MSM daily by spritzing a few times each day. Some find that during the summer months they need
          to spritz it on a little more often.
          The DMSO does have a slight “oyster” smell, it does not bother most people. If the smell is a concern, I recommend following the treatment
          with a conditioner or even a little coconut oil.
          When I do a DMSO treatment I do rinse out the dmso– I typically leave it on between 1-3 hours. I have kept it in overnight too, but that doesn’t happen very often.

          Take pictures of your cousin’s hair BEFORE using the product and then weekly or monthly– he may not see the difference at first, but pictures will definitely help him track his progress. He should also supplement with MSM (take it orally).

          Happy Hair Growing to your cousin!!!

          • T says:

            Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate all the information you have given me I will pass it along to my cousin & keep you posted on his progress as soon as he starts the treatment.

          • Admin says:

            You are welcome T– we look forward to hearing how your cousin uses MSM and DMSO– we all have adapted our own “regimen” and it’s so helpful when everyone shares– we “borrow” concoctions from each other!!! :)


          • T says:

            I forgot to ask you in my last reply is the DMSO treatment something you need to do daily along with the MSM spritzing or do you do the DMSO treatment a few times a week?

          • Admin says:

            Well T, it all depends on what you are using DMSO for.

            Deep Conditioning and Hair Maintenance– 2 times each month.
            Stimulate Hair Follicles/ Stimulate Growth– 1-2 times each week.
            Re-Grow Hair Due to Baldness — 3-5 times each week.

            After a two-three weeks you will get a “feel” for what works best. Also, if you are taking MSM SUPPLEMENTS and doing daily MSM treatments you will see more growth once the DMSO regimen begins. The more frequent the DMSO treatments the faster your hair will grow.

          • T says:

            Ok thank you once again for all your help & information.

  2. Patti says:

    We’re starting your regime with my 19 year old son who has serious hair loss (male pattern baldness) which started at age 15. Need your advice. We bought the Trimedica DMSO liquid but he is finding that it stings when he sprays it on. He has also tried the DMSO 70% with aloe gel which also stings a bit. He’s afraid that the stinging is an indication that it’s hurting his scalp? He thinks it is causing a bit of dryness (I looked and couldn’t find dryness). How much should we dilute the DMSO? If it’s normal to sting a bit, he’ll deal with it so his hair will grow.

    Current Regime: he is using the DMSO every other day alternating with the MSM sprays. Just starting taking the MSM pills. Will add the Jamaican black castor oil and spray DMSO over it (hope that might help the sting) when it comes.

    I took a photo this week with the hopes that we’ll have “after” miraculous photos. He leaves for college in 2 weeks and plans to keep up the regime.

    Your advice is appreciated! We are very excited and hopeful!!! BTW, He has been seeing some good results over the 3 months of using the DynaMaxHair laser light cap. He’ll continue with that and hope this speeds up his progress.

    • Admin says:

      Greetings Patti and Son,
      Let me start with the “down-side”, if you will, of DMSO—the sting! Some say the “oyster” smell is an issue, for me it was the stinging. I do not experience stinging of my scalp, but I do experience it when I apply it to my face. My scalp is probably less sensitive since I have been using strong chemicals on the scalp for upwards of 30 years.
      Marvin, my neighbor, thinks I derive great pleasure from watching him turn red when I apply the DMSO (and in that he is a nice rich brown color, I KNOW it is burning) to his scalp. I use the 99.9% Pure /DMSO by Clinic Services. I have not found DMSO manufactured by TriMedica, as of yet.
      Most will be able to tolerate the DMSO in time, will it ever stop stinging completely, I don’t think so. You can dilute the DMSO with water that has been purified. You can also use it less frequently; however, I believe the more frequent the use the better. How I wish Marvin would “spritz” with DMSO daily!!!! As you know, every scalp is different, and the ability to tolerate DMSO will vary too-your son may experience a bit of pain even after doing 50/50 solution. If the scalp feel s dry use a bit more castor oil, I like to add a few drops of castor oil to my liquid MSM before spritzing with it.
      What is on your son’s scalp prior to applying the DMSO? In that DMSO is a carrier, it is carrying into your pores whatever you have on your scalp, which may also be contributing to the stinging. So make sure his hair and scalp are clean and free of shampoo or conditioners prior to applying the DMSO.
      In my opinion, MSM tends to lessen the stinging of the DMSO; I have never used the DMSO without the MSM. My reason for using the DMSO was only to obtain greater penetration of the MSM and Castor Oil.
      Your son’s regimen sounds great, I would only change one thing—apply a light misting of MSM daily. MSM penetrates, but it doesn’t get into the bloodstream or penetrate to the degree DMSO does. I don’t believe (based on my limited knowledge of this phenomenal organic substance) that DMSO directly promotes hair growth in the way MSM does. I do believe on a cellular level DMSO repairs the cells of the body, which provides OVERALL health.
      I so look forward to an update about your sons NEW HAIR GROWTH/REGROWTH. Hope this answers your questions. You’re such a GREAT MOM!!!! This is no minor undertaking, believe me I know. It takes diligence and quite a bit of trial and error to find just the right mix for each individual.
      Please keep me posted Patti! I am working on a few “new” things that I am still “testing” on myself – but I will send you an email with the info since my “reply” is turning into a book . Please, keep us posted with your son’s progress I love to see HAIR GROWING!!!!

      Kim Denise Walton

  3. DR. UMM ABDU says:

    Hi Kim:
    I was just thinking about you last night. LOL! I’m still using the JBCO, but mostly as a sealant after I moisturize with the Aloe Vera Gel, and that’s working out great. Hair is nice and soft. I’m still using the Indian oil mixed with a little liquid MSM and about 1/4 of an eye dropper of DMSO. So far the results have been very encouraging. My thinning areas in the crown are filling in quickly and my hair overall is getting thicker and longer. YEAH!!!!!! Sorry I haven’t been on the site to update, but this is conference season, so I’ve been traveling a lot.

    Dr. A

    • Admin says:

      Dr A,
      You know I ALWAYS get excited when I get an update from you! You know I want that JBCO, I feel like everyone is “experiencing” it but me! As sooon as finish my “testing”
      JBCO IS ON MY “MUST BUY LIST”. keep up the good hair growing– send me a pic when you get a chance.

      Happy Hair Growing Dr A.

      Kim Denise

  4. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    I’ve had some serious thinning in the crown since turning 40. :-( I’m going ton incorporate your routine in hopes of seeing some progress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Admin says:

    Greetings Dr.

    I think you will find phenomenal results using MSM. It’s organic, natural, non-toxic INEXPENSIVE and EASY to use. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask and please do keep us posted on your progress. My neighbor just had his first hair cut since our treatments began a month ago (I was livid) because he began looking a little “shaggy”. His barber actually inquired as to whether or not he was using Rogaine!!! Now, as a barber, he’s seen it all– when we started the first treatment May 8, he had just had a haircut the day before on May 7. Now, 4 weeks later the barber thinks he has been taking ROGAINE. IMPRESSIVE MSM.

    Stay tuned Dr, we are about to give more details about DMSO and it’s uses. DMSO is a carrier (MSM IS A DIETARY DERIVATIVE OF DMSO)
    that enables MSM to penetrate the hair shaft, folicle and the scalp. I have been doing a little research, and applying it to my neighbors (yes, more neighbors now) and my daughter and myself with phenomenal results. QUICK RESULTS.

    I could go on and on about MSM and now, DMSO– let me stop here!

  6. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    Hi Kim:
    Well, I took your advice and have been spraying my thinning crown area with an MSM/Distilled water mixture everyday for a week, once in the a.m and once in the p.m. Also, I’ve added MSM to my shampoo and conditioner. This week I also started using an Aloe Vera gel/MSM mixture that I made and have been putting that on my entire scalp and sitting under the heat cap for one hour in the p.m.

    Well. I washed and blow dried my hair tonight, and OMG!!! When I pull my hair back I can barely see the bald spots in the back on my head. Now, it only looks thin. There are actual hairs there now where there was only scalp before. I cannot explain to you how I’m feeling. I’ve been struggling with this for over two years. I am so happy to have finally found something that’s working. I will keep this up and give you an update in a few weeks.

    God Bless

  7. Admin says:

    Dr. Umm Abdu I am thrilled to read about your NEW HAIR GROWTH!!!!!! or should I say the REGROWTH OF YOUR HAIR! Aloe Vera is very good for hair growth and it makes a great conditoner too!

    Send pics– I can’t wait to see them!!!!! I have new pics of Marvin’s hair– he has been to the barber shop again–but he is making great progress–those hair follicles are just growing more and more–and thicker too!!!

    Are you still lightly oiling with the oil? You can also mix aloe into it as well.

    Congratualtions–and I am wishing you a summer filled with “crazy hair growth”!!!!


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