MSM and DMSO are miraculous when it comes to growing hair and RE-GROWING HAIR!  Men and women suffering from hair loss should give a second, look to MSM.  MSM WORKS!  If you look at my pictures, you will see the phenomenal hair growth , but it doesn’t compare to the growth that Marvin has experienced (see pic below).   What makes Marvin’s MSM growth so over the top ? I’ll tell you!



2. Organic compounds used– no chemicals to boost the growth(yet) .

3.  His hair is a completely different texture!!!!  He has wavy hair, which he did not have before–      no, not even at birth!!!

4. He has been bald for FOUR YEARS!!!  He started thinning SIX years ago, got a haircut four years ago and his hair never grew back.  Marvin thought he would be bald for the rest of his life–MSM SAID, “NOT SO”. 

5. Marvin is over 50 and growing new hair!!!!

For those who don’t want to read all the posts here and at our sister site, MSM BENEFITS. NET, let me catch you up.

I had been using MSM for my skin–lost some weight and didn’t want sagging skin. Started taking MSM and noticed crazy hair growth, softer hair, thicker hair, loner hair in a very short period of time–oh, and of course, my skin is softer and  the stretch marks on my arm are gone. NOT DIMINISHED–the stretch marks are GONE!!!


So, back to Marvin–so I begin having car woes– Marvin to the rescue.  I thought, how can I repay him, I absolutely  hate dealing with car problems –so, how can I express my appreciation??  Typically Marvin wears a baseball cap, as a matter of fact, I had not seen Marvin’s “bare” head in years and was quite surprised to see how “bare” he was there. I told him, “You know my grandmother always wanted me to do her hair because she said I had “growing hands”–so let me grow your hair back”. 


Marvin laughed–but he has been a cynic all the years that I have known him (nearly my entire life) so I wasn’t surprised.  He asked me howI planned on growing his hair, after years of baldness.  I told him the regimen revolved around taking MSM orally and applying MSM to the bald area, as well as, the thinning hair on the sides and back. He agreed–though it was clear he didn’t believe.

The MSM HAIR GROWTH Treatments

Each week I give Marvin an MSM/DMSO treatment, additionally, I asked him to start taking  (orally) 1,000 mg of MSM and increase weekly until he was taking 10,000 mg per day.  Marvin was also instructed to apply a very light oil that I created which was infused with MSM and then spritz his hair twice daily with liquid MSM.


One word–PHENOMENAL!  So phenomenal, in fact, that Marvin went and had a haircut.  Who does that???   HE DID!  I won’t dwell on it, again, but I can’t  tell you how disappointed I was that he cut his new beautiful hair, I guess it’s his to do with what he likes (not).  

If you look at the picture you will see areas that are lush with dense hair, then there are areas that seem to be filling in very slowly, and still the progress is very fast.  Moving forward I will be focusing on a few areas that seem to be stubborn and resistant. I thought his hairline would be the last to fill in, but his hairline is actually almost completely filled in.

Well folks, that’s the update for MSM HAIR GROWTH.  I must say, it does my heart good to see a man START THE SECOND HALF OF HIS LIFE–WITH HAIR!!!!

More pics













  1. Kim Denise says:

    and for all those asking–Yes, color has been used, Marvin decided that he was not a fan of Gray hair anymore. (I agree! :), what’s wrong with a little color enhancer as long as it looks natural!)

  2. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    YEAH Marvin:
    I can attest to the potency of MSN. I’m using it mixed with aloe vera gel on my scalp daily and misting my hair twice a day with liquid MSN. So far my balding areas are now only thin areas and filling in fast. YEAH MSN!!!!

    • Kim says:


      Now, tell us Dr. are you spritzing with the Aloe vera/Msm mix or are you oiling the scalp? How much MSM are you taking orally now?

      I seem to be hovering around 9,000 mg to 10,000 a day. I can’t seem to tolerate more than that. I guess I have quite a few toxins in my body. I can’t increase my water any more than I am consuming now–which is just over one gallon a day. Which for me is HUGE. Prior to taking MSM I was doing well to get 40 oz of water per day.

      I had a “hair cutting” accident– I will email you a pic– it’s shameful, but the crazy thing is– I still took my monthly picture and even AFTER the cut, I still had a substantial amount of growth! Now I just have an Asymetrical style –of sorts :)!

      Send me a pic when you get a chance Dr. I get such a charge out of seeing the miracles of MSM.

      I met a woman at the grocery store today–her crown was thinning, I told her about MSM and gave her daughter my email address. I told her daughter that she was going to be astounded by the results, but they are REAL!!!!

      Keep us posted Dr!

      • Dr. Umm Abdu says:

        HI Kim:
        I’m using a squeeze bottle for the aloe vera/ msn mix (die bottle). Just parting the hair and squeezing the mixture on the scalp. Then misting with liquid msn once I’m all done. I’m trying to work my way up to 10,000 mg a day, about 4,000 currently.
        As you know, I just got my first shipment of DMSO. I will be experimenting with that this weekend. Wish me luck! Also I will start oiling my scalp with a Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Liquid MSN mix. I’ll keep you posted.

        Dr. Umm Abdu

      • Dr. Umm Abdu says:

        HI Kim:
        I’m using a squeeze bottle for the aloe vera/ msn mix (dye bottle). Just parting the hair and squeezing the mixture on the scalp. Then misting with liquid msn once I’m all done. I’m trying to work my way up to 10,000 mg a day, about 4,000 currently.
        As you know, I just got my first shipment of DMSO. I will be experimenting with that this weekend. Wish me luck! Also I will start oiling my scalp with a Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Liquid MSN mix. I’ll keep you posted.

        Dr. Umm Abdu

        • Admin says:

          Hi Dr. A,

          The mix sounds great! Aloe Vera is wonderful for the hair and scalp.
          I am excited to hear about your “pumping up the volume” by using dmso.
          Once you get the hang of it– you will be very impressed by the results.
          I have wanted to try the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, as a matter of fact, during my product junkie days, I had it on my “wish” list.
          Please let me know what you find.
          I don’t want to start up with products again– but I may have to take a trip down the Jamaican Castor oil road!!!!
          Thanks for the update–
          If you get a minute, let me know if you see results withing a week or two, in terms of
          thanks Doctor A.

  3. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    Hi Kim:
    Ok. Just finished my first go with the DMSO. I did my pre-wash of aloe vera gel and liquid MSM all over and on the scalp, then 30 minutes under the heat cap. Washed with herbal shampoo, then spritzed hair and scalp with MSM and DMSO mixture – saturated hair and scalp. Got some running down my face and neck – not sure how to prevent that next time. I only experienced a little warmth on the scalp when I first applied the mixture, nothing major. But the smell was very off putting – like raw oysters. I left the mixture on for about 20-25 minutes, then rinsed well, then shampooed again, then deep conditioned, rinsed and styled as usual. The only concern I have is when I rinse out the DMSO, is it really out? I kept washing my hands all through the process. If it gets on my skin (face, neck, etc.) or my hands is this cause for concern? I have to say I was a little scared to try the DMSO, but so far no ill-effects and I’ll continue with it twice a week for the next 4 weeks and see if I see any faster results.

    Umm Abdu

    • Admin says:

      Hi Dr. A,

      Congrats!!!! I love DMSO, and I am glad you are concerned about the proper use!!! That will keep you on your toes so to speak.

      Sounds like you have done everything properly– I would have added a bit of castor oil before rinsing the dmso out– just so it can penetrate the hair follicles as well.

      Your timing was appropriate for a first application, gradually build up to about an hour of dmso on the hair– and a little gentle manipulation of the scalp.

      For your second application, if all goes as well as your first, half way through the application, re-mist with dmso only. You should feel the warmth again. Then apply castor oil to those areas that need the most attention.

      If you are a “green tea” drinker, make yourself a cup of relaxing green tea–save the tea bag and add a cup of boiling water. Let it steep– when it cools– spritz it in your hair as well– making sure you get those special areas.
      Gree tea has healing benefits– and it gives a kick, or boost when you apply it.

      Does dmso wash out? Yes, but a mere rinsing won’t do the trick. Shampooing as you did will get rid of the dmso. Eventually it will penetrate and the rest will evaporate. Not as quickly as water, but after 30 minutes on a dry surface it will evaporate.

      The odor. believe it or not – you will get use to its smell. The dmso by clinic services is mild, I have experienced others- and the smell is far more “intense”.

      When I give Marvin a treatment, I do NOT shampoo- and sometimes there is a faint oyster smell — eventually it disipates. Was there a benefit to just rinsing with water and not removing the dmso completely? I think so. Marvin mentioned to me that for at least 24 hours, he would feel the “heat” start up again, and in the evening, when he applied the MSM hair oil concoction, it would “heat” up again. So think it is still causing the substance applied to penetrate the scalp. This, of course, is fine, if it’s a substance that you want to penetrate. If you are going to be out and about you may not want to leave dmso in, or if you are applying hair products that may clog your pores with something unhealthy.

      I have a few questions for you-

      1. Did you notice a difference in the texture of your hair after the treatment?

      2. Did you notice any reactions— frequent urination, breakouts, slight burning (similar to applying relaxer to the scalp)?

      Well, that’s all I have right now DR.A, don’t be surprised when you see the “crazy, explosive hair growth”!! But do let me know :)


      • Dr. Umm Abdu says:

        Hi Kim:
        I did not think of adding the castor oil, but will add it next time. I did not continue to spritz, but will do that too next time. I do drink green tea, and actually have a “hair” tea blend that I will spritz on next time as well. Just trying not to do too much at one time. I think to be on the safe side I’ll continue to shampoo afterwards as I use styling products that have ingredients that I’m not sure about.

        As far as your questions:
        1. My hair texture felt (stronger) that’s the only way I can describe it. Not hard, but stronger and my waves were a little more elongated, not so cork screwy.
        2. I did not experience any burning (just the slight warmth that I mentioned just on initial application), have not had any increased urination, nor any breakouts (thus far – fingers crossed).
        I am definitely looking for crazy hair growth and will keep you posted.


        • Admin says:

          Dr. A you are out of the “woods”! If you haven’t had any reaction by now–it’s pretty safe to say that you won’t. So, great! Just keep building gradually.

          I agree, you shouldn’t do too much, but keep in mind that everything that you are doing is natural and can only be a plus. I know that MSM is a definite, and castor oil is great for growing and fortifying the hair. The green tea is something I just started using, I have even made a “leave- in- conditioner” with green tea, and I love the way my hair feels after using it.

          I try not to over-process my hair by using chemicals, but I have decided I don’t want to go gray just yet—so I am coloring my hair again. I am not a fan of temporary color because I perspire alot and my hair is the first place I am pouring perspiration from. Temporary rinse lasts about a week for me. Permanent dye shouldn’t be done weekly, so I try to wait a month and even after waiting I still overlap–which is also very drying to my hair and causes damage. The green tea seems to restore it very quickly to it’s soft state, between conditioning treatments. So, I guess it affords me the opportunity to color my hair more without frying my hair. But don’t quote me on that one yet!!! I’ve only been using it for a few weeks.

          Your results sound great!! You will keep your natural “curl” but you will notice it will “relax” it’s corkskrewiness a bit. Your hair is not only stronger–guess what’s happening- YOUR HAIR IS THICKER TOO!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s as if the treatments somehow “expand” the width of your strand of hair??? Check it out and tell me what you think. Yes, it’s stronger, but it also feels thicker. I thought it was my imagination, but I noticed it with my daughters hair also.

          One more suggestion– drink an extra glass of water—or two, while giving yourself a treatment–just extra protection to insure that toxins are being washed out of your system.

          I was doing a lot of running around last week– and for a few days I scarcely took 2,000 msm per day. Of course, my aches and pains started coming back so I quickly jumped back on, and now I have a painful boil under my arm. I spritzed it with MSM and applied some MSM powder/lotion paste to it and it has gone down significantly. Now I need to drink water, water, water.

          Okay Dr. A, thank you for the update– don’t forget pictures.

          Happy Hair Growing!!!

  4. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    Hi Kim:
    Just finished my second DMSO+MSM treatment. I added the JBCO per your suggestion. I was less nervous this time and I’m LOVING the results. My hair is THICK and STRONG. I will try to take some pics and send, but you won’t be able to see anything —- because the BALD SPOTS are practically GONE!!!! When I tell you how happy I am, I can actually cry. Also, I think I’m seeing some overall length increases as well, but I’ll keep an eye on that.
    The only concern I have is getting the DMSO on my hands as I spritz or during my rinsing and washing of the product out of my hair. I don’t know if during that process any unwanted elements are getting into my system via the skin of my hands. Have you used latex gloves and are they safe to use with DMSO?


    • Kim says:

      You know I get choked up Dr. A when I read your comments!!!!
      I am so happy for you– and stop trying to make me buy the JBCO ( I am literally drooling and ready to throw my plain old Castor Oil out the window!!!!) you know I am a recovering product junkie!!!
      I told you after a few uses you will feel more comfortable using the DMSO– and after a few months you will still be cautious–but an “old pro”.
      Now, I personally do not use gloves when applying the DMSO– my brother does use gloves. My body doesn’t seem to tolerate latex well, and I don’t want to run the risk of it being absorbed in any way– so I go “au natural” with no problems. As a matter of fact, I noticed that after doing my hair with dmso/msm and conditioners,
      my hands look very “conditioned” and silky smooth as well.

      While using dmso I have a tendency to keep washing my hands and spritzing them with MSM to sort of “counter” anything else–don’t know if it’s necessary–just a little quirky habit I have developed over the months. I use a clean dry white towel or cloth and just keep washing and drying my hands. I read that one gentleman prefers using his bare hands because he feels he is wasting the dmso by rinsing it off. I am not there yet–plus the mild “oyster” scent is not pleasing to me–I have a very KEEN sense of smell–so I wash the dmso off.

      I want to see pics– you know how excited I am– maybe you can put a comb in your hair and lift it and then the hair will show in the teeth of the comb??
      Well, send it anyway– “I’ll be able to SEE IT!!! :)

      Dr. A, I wish you hadn’t mentioned the JBCO– it’s calling my name now!!!!!! (for those who don’t speak “hair” lingo– JBCO is Jamaican Black Castor Oil and is said to have healing properties for the body as well as promote hair growth) I promised myself that after I discovered the benefits of MSM, I would go cold turkey and not purchase anymore hair products–for a while :) ahem– I think it’s been awhile now.


  5. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    LOL! I’m sorry for stirring up you PJ tendencies. Actually, I’ve had this bottle for while and it’s been sitting in the cabinet for a while, because I was working my way through some other oils I had. I will try to do as you said with the comb and take some pics later tonight or tomorrow – God Willing.

    :-) Best,

    • Admin says:

      You are forgiven Dr. A— :)
      I mixed up a concoction of my own (I have it on now) and sprayed on my dmso!!!

      It seems to have taken the edge off my product craving- for now!!!

      but keep me posted on the Jamaican Castor Oil!!!

  6. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    How do you use DMSO on your skin and body?


    • Admin says:

      Hey Dr. A!

      You have to check out my other blog–, there is soooooooo much more to MSM (WHICH IS MADE FROM DMSO).
      Now, I took a page,so to speak, from the IMPATIENT DIETER. Her website was my dmso/msm bible while I was working on my skin. You can find her method here She has achieved phenomenal results with dmso and msm, skin softening, diminishing scars, skin tightening etc.

      I originally started using MSM AND DMSO for skin tightening and to get rid of stretchmarks after weight loss. The stretch marks were — yes I said it– WERE on my arms- they are completely gone.

      Here’s what I did.

      Prior to Showering: Used a dry brush on my skin.

      After Showering: Misted skin with DMSO.

      5 minutes later, while DMSO is still damp- Misted skin with LIQUID MSM

      10-15 minutes later, applied MSM LOTION.

      here’s what I noticed.

      quickly diminished stretch marks– within a mater of weeks.

      skin lightening– my skin appears to be returing to the color and texture it was 10-15 years ago

      scars, pores, skin tags (and as I aged I was getting quite a few skin tags particularly on my face)

      Do I look younger? Now, I’ve been asked by many people “what, are you doing to look younger and younger”. One gentleman, remarked–”How are you getting younger and younger every time I see you”? The only thing new was the msm and dmso.

      So, my belief is that using dmso, at least once per week, will literally turn back the clock in terms of overall aging.

      I am very careful with the dmso on my face– my body tolerates it very well– my face is a bit more sensitive so I don’t leave it on very long (I started with 3-4 minutes before rinsing– now I can leave it on my face about 15-20 minutes).

      Hope this helps Dr. A :)

      How is your beautiful, thick, healthy hair doing these days??

      Kim Denise

  7. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    and for what purposes?

  8. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    Hi Kim:
    The hair growing in going well. Everyday the thin spots get smaller and smaller. The one on the left is about the size of a nickle now, and the one on the right is about the size of one dollar piece. That’s coming from there being absolutely NO hair in the entire frontal and mid crown area. So I have definitely come a long way. I’m trying something new. I’ve added about a 1/4 of a tear dropper of DMSO, along with some liquid MSM to about a 1/4 cup of Indian hair oils that I have and have been just putting some on my finger tips every night and massaging my scalp with this for about 5 minutes. I’m going try this for about month and see if this increases the growth rate any. The hair is definitely thickening up, but I’m desperate to gain back my original length. :-) I have not had any scalp sensitivity, irritation or any other adverse reactions thus far.

    As for using DMSO and MSM on my body, I never though of that. I have some stretch marks on my tummy and hips from my pregnancy so I will give your regiment a try. :-)


    • Admin says:

      Sounds great Dr. A

      What KIND of indian oils!!!! Here you go again mentioning products when you know I have a product addicition! :)

      You will see the length also— what is your goal length? I was going for BSL, and was pretty close until I had a “cutting” mishap.

  9. Dr. Umm Abdu says:

    Also, did you see any skin tightening from using the DMSO and MSM on your body?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, I did see skin tightening, but not the type of tightening I was expecting. I thought I would look like I had plastic surgery or some type of cosmetic procedure, instead it was more subtle- I look “younger”— let me say it this way– ‘FIRMER”. If that makes sense, but I must admit, once the stretch marks left my arms– I pretty much lost interest in the process. I did find, however, that if I gave myself a treatment once per week my skin tone was wonderful. Once my daughter is back in school– I will start taking my “me” time again and will include DMSO FACIALS!!!!

      AS USUAL DR. A— keep me posted!!!!

  10. Patrick says:

    I am new to the product in how it is being used for hair growth. I have used and seen both being used by bodybuilders but never fully realized ALL of the benefits of the products. At this point in my life I do not have a problem with hair growth and have a decent head of locs that I have been growing now for about 3 years. I am taking the MSM and DMSO internally and I am curious to see how both my body and hair respond with doing it this way.
    I started on the MSM about a week ago and just started the DMSO today a few days ago (due shipping). With encouragement I will continue taking internally inpsite of the “taste”…. I will give it a month or so and see what happens.

    • Admin says:

      Greetings Patrick,
      Get ready for explosive growth for your locks, I now that you aren’t using it for that purpose but please do keep us posted with results. As a matter of fact, I would recommend that you take a before pic– you will be astonished every month (actually every two weeks you will see a noticable difference if you are taking upwards of 4,000 mg per day).

      I am not familiar with products used to maintian locks, but if you use a moisturizer spritzing your hair with MSM is phenomenal!!!! (I add a little castor oil too)

      Keep me posted. :)

      Kim Denise

  11. Kerri says:

    I posted this on your other site but wanted to add it here too.

    Thanks so much for all your msm info. Found your site through LHCF. Ordering some msm caps from puritain’s pride today, they’re having a buy 1 get 2 free sale! I bought some powdered msm a few months ago and have been adding it to my hair spritz these last couple days and will make my oil mix today.

    In this last year I’ve noticed a lot of the little moles on my face, my mom, aunts and gmom have them too, and have been trying to find out how I can stop them. So glad I came across your articles. Could you let me know your regi for the skin tags please?

    Thanks again for all the useful info!

    • Admin says:

      Greetings Kerri,

      I just looooooooooooooove LHCF– I had to stop visiting so much– I was getting addicted :)

      I am so glad you have found the info useful– I am working on my own product line-so it’s good to hear what people are having success with.

      Now, the skin tags— I am assuming that I am genetically predisposed to them. Like you, one of my parents and my grandmother had more and more as they aged. I started noticing them in my late 20′s, and then they began appearing on my face in my late 30′s. When I began using MSM and DMSO they began shrinking and disappearing, I hadn’t given myself a facial in several months–and I did notice them coming back.

      My regimen was giving myself a DMSO/MSM facial 3 times a week. I write down everything I use, so I will find the info and email it to you.

      My latest treatment consisted of EVCO and DMSO (sorry, non LHCF members– EVCO is EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL). Will this get rid of skin tags?? I am not sure, I’ve only done one treatment, but I will tell you that they “appear” to be smoother (or less raised), I will pay more attention and update you. In the meantime, let me find my previous regimen and I will email it.

      Thanks for sharing Kerri–
      keep us posted!
      Kim Denise

      • Kerri says:

        Just say your reply. Did you ever find the info of your facial?

        • Admin says:

          I did Kerri, I replied at, I will pop over there and copy it and email it to you.

          • Admin says:

            Here is my regimen Kerri:

            Greetings Kerri,

            My regimen consisted of washing the skin, spraying on DMSO, then spraying on MSM again. Be forwarned– it does get hot and sometimes there is stinging in some cases until your skin adjusts. Typically, by the third or fourth application you will be able to tolerate it better. If your skin is sensitive to the DMSO, dilute it with purified water. Initially, I gave myself treatments every other day– now, I do it “whenever” and while the skin tags have not completely returned it seems as iff they are not flat any longer. I am going to give myself a treatment –I don’t want them coming back.

  12. ccharles90 says:

    Happy New year!!!
    Could you do an update on Marvin’s hair? I would like to know if it has fully regrown.

    Thanks :)

    • Admin says:

      I would love to do an update on Marvin– I will make sure he gets this message. I did see Marvin two weeks ago. He was wearing a cap and refused to allow me to look at his hair (yes, another recent hair cut) but assured me that he is still using the MSM and DMSO. I asked him about the dosage he is currently taking and he couldn’t give me an exact amount. In my humble opinion, I believe he is doing the bear minimum. He says that his hair has almost completely filled in, but there are a few small areas that seem to be lagging behind.

      I am speaking with Marvin now, via phone– he says, he will be more than happy to update a pic for me– sometime in the near future. I tried to pin him down to an exact date– but that doesn’t seem to be working. I asked him if he would be able to accomodate you by his 1 year anniversary date (using MSM) and he says YES!

      I will post a pic as soon as he makes one available to me, if he doesn’t do it soon- -I will publish his non-published phone number!!!! :)

  13. mann83 says:


    • Admin says:

      Greetings Mann83,

      You haven’t given me many details, but I would suggest taking MSM and spritzing liquid MSM on your hairline daily to begin with. Without more details I am not sure what more I could share.

      Here are a few factors that I look at.

      *Does thinning hair run in your family (father, mother, brothers, sisters and grandparents)
      *At what age did you notice the thinning?
      *What are you doing now in terms of regimen for re-growth or thickening?
      *Do you have any known medical conditions that cause hair thinning?
      *Are you taking prescription drugs?
      *Is there any damage to the scalp?

      Hope this Helps

      • Optifull says:

        Hi, I have been reading your website and saw what you have achieved with marvin and it has me really optimistic. I started losing hair at around 17 or 18. I’m 21 now. Right now I have a mild receeding hairline and no hair on the crown. I do have a history of genetic balding on both sides of the family but its intermittent. Some family members are bald, some aren’t. Someone suggested to me the use of a boar bristle brush to regrow hair. He also advised to get rid of all my chemical shampoos. I’ve been doing that for a couple months now but I’m not sure how much difference its made. Someone else recently suggested trying msm topically and orally. My current regimen is adding the msm powder to distilled water and putting it in a spray bottle for topical application and adding powder to my morning orange juice. Can this really work for me? Is this similar to the regimen marvin was following? Also how do I add in the DMSO? Any help or input is appreciated. Thanks!

        • Admin says:

          Greetings Optifull,

          Your current regimen sounds good. Keep in mind when taking msm orally that it works on your entire body–or should I say–it works on a cellular level. If your body has other issues (some you may not even be aware of) your body may allocate the msm to those areas first. I started out taking 1000mg and worked my way up to 9000mg. I found that if I drop under 3000mg per day– I feel stiff and not as “youthful” as I feel when I exceed 3000mg. That said, after a month or so, bump up the mg gradually until you see changes. Take a photos, it’s difficult to see gradual changes sometimes.
          Marvin was receiving dmso/msm/castor oil treatments weekly. He took up to 3,000mg of msm daily. He also applied the msm/castor oil/hair oil concoction daily.
          I believe it’s better to take the msm in multiple doses throughout the day– if you take mega doses your body discards what is not immediately used in your urine.
          One other note, msm is more effective when used with vitamin c and/or cod liver oil. I purchased cod liver oil capsules from Walgreens (buy-one-get-one free– ) and vitamin c tablets and took them 3x per day. I know that you add the msm to the orange joice-which is great
          So, can this really work for you? Yes, it can. We know of course that genetics and overall health do contribute to hair loss and hair growth. It sounds like you have been given sound advice regarding shampoos and using the boar bristle brush. Ramp up the msm intake if you aren’t seeing results, incorporate the dmso and also- if possible apply CASTOR OIL topically as well.
          I have quite a bit of catching up to do on this site, but I will find the link regarding using the DMSO and email it to you.

          Hope this helps-
          Happy Growing-

  14. dejuan71 says:

    did marvin have bald spots or just thin hair because it just looked like his hair was really thin to me.

    • Admin says:

      Marvin had bald spots AND thin hair. Amazingly, the treatments caused his hair to grow in at a very fast rate, and the hair was thicker. You could still see there were a few areas that were quite stuborn and filled in very slowly– then others still that did not fill in completely. There were/are three small bald spots that were each about the size of a pencil eraser, but you had to part his hair to find them.

  15. dan.moton says:

    Any new update on Marvin? I would like to see how much hair he has grown.

    Im suffering from receding hairline, I’m thinking about buying msm in liquid form for my hairline and taking 10,000 mg of msm in capsule.

    I’m 26 years old, hair loss runs in my fathers side and begun noticing my receding hairline when I was around 22.

    • Admin says:

      Greetings Dan,
      I’ve been a bit out of commission for the last year due to a car accident-during that time I have seen Marvin about 8-10 times. He agreed to providing me with a recent pic- but I haven’t rec’d it yet.

      He told me that he does not follow the regimen any longer- nor does he take the msm. He mentioned to me in 2012, that someone told him his hair smelled of “corn”. He was not pleased. I (let me stress this– “I”) believe this is why he discontinued the treatments.

      He told me that the texture of his hair has reverted back to it’s former state (during the treatments his hair was softer and wavy) of being coarse–but not thick. When he ended his treatments he had three small spots, about the size of the head of an eraser, all in the crown area.

      I will request a pic again. :)


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